Incubator of the world solar energy industry: Himin Solar Valley

For sustainable development of solar energy industry, Himin plans to build the China Solar Valley project with a land occupancy of 3,000,000 square meters with an investment of several billion RMB as well as annual design output of a 100 billion RMB. Solar Valley development will include: solar buildings, solar production zone, solar testing center, China’s Renewable Energy University, photovoltaic application demonstration, and Solar Energy Museum, as well as other facilities. De zhou, where the Solar Valley is located, was named as the China Solar City. De zhou is now actively preparing for the 2010 World Solar City Congress with the support of Himin. When completed, Solar City will compromise of five major components: the world renewable energy research center, the research & development and testing center, featuring a comprehensive application of solar energy refrigeration, power generation, desalination, solar thermal & photovoltaic, among other technologies . Himin’s intention is to create a “Solar Silicon Valley” that would become the world’s solar energy industry incubator.
Himin mode: Chinese sustainable solution for global energy and environment protection

Analysis of Himin Three Cycle Mode

On May 5th, 2006, Mr Huang Ming, was invited by United Nations to make a speech on the 14th meeting of Commission of Sustainable Development meeting. He explained Himin Mode (a three cycle mode of the following figure). Himin found a solution to provide a resource for the global energy crisis and set an example for the world. Himin Mode became a symbol of renewable, sustainable energy development in the world.