NAST Environmental Projects (Pty) Ltd Company Profile

Nast Environmental Projects (PTY) Ltd (NASTEP SOLAR) is a solar supplier to the Sub-Saharan Africa region. The Company holds the sole distribution rights to import, market, and distribute the full range of HIMIN Solar Energy Group’s products. Himin is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of Solar Water Heaters and vacuum tubes.

Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency is essential to reduce the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of energy production and consumption around the world. The extent to which solar energy and other sustainable options are utilised will determine the future of local and global environmental sustainability.

Amid the growing demand for clean energy options NASTEP SOLAR's mission is to contribute to a sustainable and enabling environment for renewable energy by providing a range of responsible, integrated solar solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa. Forming a major part of these solutions is the supply and installation of the Himin range of solar products.

An important aspect of NASTEP SOLAR's mission is a firm commitment to good corporate governance and conducting its business in a dependable, market competitive, environmentally responsible manner. The company strives to consistently provide excellence in all aspects of its operations.

The Himin Solar Energy Group was established in 1995 in the 'Solar Valley' in Dezhou in China and the company has become a multifaceted leader in the global solar energy industry. The company integrates research and development, testing, production and marketing of a very large range of solar products and technologies. The Himin R&D team, continues to pioneer technology advances in clean energy and solar architecture. The company became the first solar enterprise which was introduced to the world at the United Nations. The Himin story was reported in the world media, including Forbes, CNN, Reuters, Denmark Information, Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Norway Television, Wen Wei Po Newspaper (Hong Kong), and in magazines of Wind and Solar Energy.

Himin is currently the largest producer of solar water heaters and vacuum tubes in the world. It produces in excess of one million solar water heaters annually. The company’s production equals 50% of the world’s annual solar thermal production. Himin produces more than three million square meters of solar energy every year. The energy generated by Himin is equivalent to that of 20 million tons of coal per year, without the associated environmental pollution.

The Himin Solar Energy Group's product range includes various models of solar water heaters incorporating the unique Himin 3-Hi vacuum tubes, photovoltaic panels for electricity generation, a range of solar, street, garden and traffic lights, as well as Win-Pin Energy saving glass.

NASTEP SOLAR's range of Himin geysers varies from integrated stand alone units, suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, to pumped as well as thermo siphon split systems, utilizing solar heat collectors which can be fitted to existing electrical geysers.

What differentiates Himin in global and local markets is its internationally recognized exceptionally high standards of quality and durability; The Himin range conforms to the following international standards: All solar water systems conform to the ISO 9001:2000 standards; SWH’s have been awarded the European CE mark and are manufactured from only the best quality materials; inner tanks are manufactured from SUS304 and SUS316 stainless steel; Photovoltaic panels carry the European TUV mark; the solar heat collectors carry the German DIN mark and all Himin solar water heaters distributed locally, carry a five-year guaranty.

Himin's Solar Energy Technical Testing Centre includes 15 large laboratories with more than 320 test procedures for raw materials, parts, component machinery and entire machines. Himin's testing standards are significantly more advanced than those of the industry standard. The company's simulation tests can imitate extreme outdoor environments, enabling Himin to define realistic product parameters and establish the highest quality systems. The founding and transparency of the Himin Testing Centre has enabled the solar industry to move towards greater professionalism, systemisation and standards, symbolising Himin's growth and reputation in solar technology.

Locally, our SWH’s have passed many SABS tests and certain models have been fully SABS Approved. These systems conform to the Eskom Solar Water Heater Rebate Scheme requirements and NASTEP Solar is listed on the Eskom website as an approved solar supplier. These products include solar water heaters earmarked for low cost and affordable cost housing projects which are being undertaken countrywide. NASTEP Solar has participated at the recent Power and Electricity World Africa exhibition and was awarded the “best medium stand” at the exhibition.

NASTEP Solar has established 19 regional franchises in order to ensure national access and support of their products. Our franchises are able to meet our client’s every need and requirement, whether it be the provision of advice, or a full assessments from residential and commercial enquiries, to the installation and commissioning of large scale solar water heaters as well as photovoltaic plaza farm projects. As far as Sub-Sahara Africa is concerned, Nastep currently has representation in Nigeria, Namibia, and Malawi, and plan to ensure representation in all Sub-Saharan Africa countries in the very near future.

The advantages of dealing with NASTEP, especially for domestic and commercial clients are;

Access to their premium Himin brand of products
Wide range of solar water heaters, ranging from 100 to 350 liter units, comprising of;
High and low pressure integrated SWH’s,
Pumped split system SWH’s, as well as
Thermo siphon split system SWH’s
Unlimited supply availability from Himin
5 Year guarantee on all Himin products
National coverage of franchises with regards to sales and support
Prestigious local and international accreditations
Member of Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa (SESSA)
Tailor-made in-house financial plan which has been established to finance the purchases of NASTEP Solar Water Heaters.
NASTEP’s short term vision includes;
The establishing of a local manufacturing facility, which Himin has already committed to, and which should start taking shape within the next 12 months
An in-house training and accreditation facility which will conform to all national regulations through which our installers will be able to obtain recognized certification
Expand the franchise network to all Sub-Sahara African countries
Nastep Solar Finance is a joint venture between NAST Environmental Projects (Pty) Ltd and Immaculate Solar finance (Pty) Ltd, who is registered with the National Credit Regulator. The aim of Nastep Solar finance is to make our customer’s investment in a solar water heater easy, affordable, and painless. Finance packages have been custom designed specifically with the needs of the solar water industry in mind.
In Summary, Himin Solar Energy Group has achieved the following noteworthy milestones since its inception;
June 5th, 1995
Himin Solar held a ceremony for its establishment; its former name was Xinxing High-tech Co., Ltd Dec. 1996, Himin Solar issued the first newspaper regarding solar knowledge published by an enterprise.
Feb. 1997
Himin Solar initiated a green tour integrating solar education with sales and services, which then evolved to a huge green energy storm that swept across thousands of cities and towns, covering 40 million kilometers, equivalent to circling the equator two thousand times.
April 2000
Himin Solar was the first entity in the solar industry to obtain the ISO9002 certification. Meanwhile, Himin Solar participated in the forum of Sino-US Renewable Energy Development.
June 2001
A joint laboratory of solar energy was founded between the Chinese Academy of Science and Himin Solar.
July 2002
Himin Solar was certified the ISO9000.
Jan. 2003
The signing ceremony was held for the cooperation among Sydney University, Fraunhofer Institute and Himin Solar.
March 2003
Himin Solar, together with other representatives, proposed the legislation of renewable energy law in China, during the 10th National People’s Congress.
April 2004
Himin Solar brand was assessed at 5.13 billion yuan, which proved that it was the largest manufacturing base in the world.
May 2006
Himin Solar was invited to introduce its successful development model to the world at the 14th UN Forum on Sustainable Development.
Sept. 2007
The first automatic production line of vacuum tubes in the world was finished and its news release was held in Dezhou City, having great and positive influence in the solar industry.
Feb. 2008
Himin Solar succeeded in bidding for the 4th International Solar Cities Congress which will be held in 2010.
May 2008
Overseas branches were established in Vietnam and Pakistan.
Aug. 2008
Himin Solar finished eight projects for the preparation of Olympics. Sun-Moon Mansion, the new headquarters was finished in Dezhou City.
Sept. 2008
As the only enterprise that was invited from China, Himin Solar participated in the 2008 Global USB Forum in Singapore. Mr. Huang Ming, chairman of Himin Solar, was elected vice president of International Solar Energy Society (ISES).
Dec. 2008
Himin's strong revenues prompted Goldman Sachs and CDH Investment to invest US$100 million in the company.
Nastep Solar can be contacted on 08600 HIMIN / 44646 or at