Solar Thermal Power Generation

Solar-energy, high temperature, thermal power generation is a very important project for solar energy application, ear-marked for the 12th Five Year Plan. Investment is predicated at RMB 90 million. Himin Group shall be responsible for design, production, testing, installation, modification and takeover for engineering of RMB 45 Million.
Core technology of solar power generation: coating steel tube

Himin Group applies a vacuum-sputtering process to form an oxidation coat on the steel-tube surface, enabling it to be very stable in an exposed-air-environment. Collector-tube-coating for the linear Feinieer power generation, found in modern application worldwide, can only be stable in vacuum condition, and cannot be exposed to air.

This surface coating converts solar radiation energy into heat energy, enabling the boiling of liquid inside tube together with steam above 400°C for power generation. This technology is suitable for large scale promotion, even in semi-desert areas, thus 2/3 of the area of China will have no problem with electricity supply in the future.

This technology consists of 4 patents and its core technology for solar power generation. Himin is the only production enterprise to have mastered this technology in the world